The peanut seller

I have been selling roasted peanuts for long long time. People around here know me. I started selling roasted peanuts when I was in primary school, and continued after finishing. I am now around 42 years old. Every morning I roast a 20 liter buckets worth of peanuts. On a good day I sell four basins full. I like this work very much, and will do it until I die!

Watu wa Mtwara [People of Mtwara]

Blog post #3 – The Maasai Boma Schools & work with the Maasai

In 2007 ADEA partnered with the Pillar of Maasai Development (PMD) Community Based Organization (CBO) in Rombo, Kenya to bring primary school education to Maasai children whose families needed future hope due to devastating loss of land and cattle. In this blog I’ll share dimensions of ADEA’s work with the Maasai: our efforts, successes and challenges. Also, the culture I have experienced and friends I have made.